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Lesson Transcript

Culture Class: Holidays in Denmark, Lesson 13 - Valentine's Day
Hello and welcome to the Culture Class: Holidays in Denmark Series at DanishClass101.com.
In this series, we’re exploring the traditions behind Danish holidays and observances. I’m Michael, and you're listening to Season 1, Lesson 13, Valentine's Day. In Danish, it’s called valentinsdag.
It may come as a surprise, but Valentine's Day is a tradition that Denmark has only embraced in the last decade. As such, to many, the 14th of February is just another day on the calendar, but there are also some who go the extra mile for romance on this day.
In this lesson, you'll learn how the Danish celebrate Valentine's Day.
Now, before we go into more detail, do you know the answer to this question:
What’s Valentine's Day also known as in Danish?
If you don't already know, you’ll find out a bit later. Keep listening.
Just as in many other countries where Valentine's Day is celebrated, the Danish often give "cards," kort, "flowers," blomster, or "chocolate," chokolade to their significant other or partner, or someone they care for. Some couples also go on a trip, go to the movies, have a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant, or just enjoy a good movie at home.
If you are single, you may prefer to celebrate or spend the day with one or several single friends. Or you may not celebrate Valentine's Day at all.
But why not take advantage of the occasion to eat some extra good food in good company, or perhaps buy extra ice cream or candy just to treat yourself?
Churches in Denmark have adopted the English-style religious services and started services that focus on love and "friendship," or venskab, to celebrate the day. Some may even have more special services and invite the coming year's bridal couples, which definitely is suitable for the day's love theme.
Most Valentine's traditions are generally inspired by American and British movies since it is a bigger part of these cultures than it is in Denmark.
Now it's time to answer our quiz question:
What’s Valentine's Day also known as in Danish?
It is known as de elskendes helligdag meaning “the Lovers' Holiday.”
Most will probably go to work or school, and all the stores will be open, so it is not an official holiday.
How did you like this lesson? Did you learn anything interesting?
How do you celebrate Valentine's Day in your country?
Leave us a comment telling us at DanishClass101.com!
And I’ll see you in the next lesson!

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