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Lesson Transcript

Hej, jeg hedder [name]. Hi everybody! I’m [name].
Welcome to DanishClass101.com’s “Dansk på 3 minutter”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Danish.
In the last lesson, you learned some words to use when you’re apologizing in Danish, including Undskyld and beklager. In this lesson you are going to learn numbers in Danish.
Yes, numbers! Tal! From one to ten. And you are going to learn them in only three minutes, tre minutter!
Are you ready? Let’s start!
[slowly] en.
[slowly] to.
[slowly] tre.
[slowly] fire.
[slowly] fem.
[slowly] seks.
[slowly] syv.
[slowly] otte.
[slowly] ni.
[slowly] ti.
Okay, now repeat after me. I'll say the numbers and give you time to repeat each one.
1. En
2. To
3. Tre
4. Fire
5. Fem
6. Seks
7. Syv
8. Otte
9. Ni
10. Ti
Great job!
What is before en? Do you know? It’s the same as in English but with a different pronunciation- nul.
[slowly] nul.
You don’t have any more excuses! You can give your friends your cell phone number in Danish!
Let’s try together.
We’ll use the phrase Mit nummer er, which means “my number is-”
[slowly] mit nummer er.
mit nummer er,
ni, to, en, tre, fem, otte, syv, fire.
Can you read it by yourself?
92 13 58 74
Now it’s time for [name]’s Insights.
When you go to the post office in Denmark, you sometimes have to stand in line with a number. When it's your turn at the counter, they yell Nummer tre! Nummer ti! and so on. Learn your numbers well so you can be ready!
Do you know the Danish word for a hundred? Here's a hint- it's very similar to the English word! In the next lesson you are going to learn the numbers from eleven to one hundred in Danish. Your task now is to practice the numbers we studied in this lesson, from en to ti!!
Vi ses næste gang!


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Hi Listeners! Which is your Danish lucky number?

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Hei Amalie,

Thank you for the best wishes! :smile: Today I did'nt really have a good day:disappointed:, 'cuz I was on a class trip and my classmates are totally idiots and seriously, they make me mad.:angry::angry::angry: Plus, they have selective hearing which I hate so much but when I read the comments at ILL (Innovative Language Learning:thumbsup:) or take lessons:thumbsup: or play the Guitar:sunglasses:, I really fell myself a lot happier. :smile:


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Hej Johannes!

Det var så lidt!

Wow, that sounds so great! We really appreciate it and we're very happy to hear how much you enjoy all our language lessons.

Keep up the excellent work and best of luck with your studies.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Mange tak!


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Hej Amalie!:smile:

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Hope you will continue to enjoy our Danish lessons.

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Hei, Amalie!

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seks og tre

THREE minutes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: