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Lesson Transcript

Hej, jeg hedder [name]. Hi everybody! I’m [name].
Welcome to DanishClass101.com’s “Dansk på 3 minutter”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Danish.
In the last lesson you learned how to count in Danish. I hope you spent some time practicing the numbers, because they will come in handy for this lesson. You’re going to learn how to go shopping in Denmark!
Before we go, you need to know how to say “How much is it?”
Hvor meget koster den?
[slowly] Hvor meget koster den?
Ok, are you ready to go shopping in Denmark? Let’s go!
You see something you like and want to ask the shopkeeper how much it costs. The first thing to say is…Undskyld, do you remember what that means? "Excuse me!"
Undskyld, hvor meget koster den?
[slowly] Undskyld, hvor meget koster den?
Now in Danish, the object you are pointing at has a gender. The sentence above is referring to a common gender object. If the object is a gender-neutral word, the sentence would sound like this
Undskyld hvor meget koster det?
[slowly] Undskyld, hvor meget koster det?
The only thing that changes is the pronoun. den and det. There is one more pronoun you can use when pointing at pairs of something or a bundle of something – you change the pronoun to de.
Undskyld, hvor meget koster de?
[slowly] Undskyld, hvor meget koster de?
At this point the shop clerk can answer by saying:
Den koster …
Det koster…
or De koster…
For example:
Den koster femoghalvtreds kroner!
Det koster femoghalvtreds kroner!
De koster femoghalvtreds kroner!
What number is femoghalvtreds? It’s "fifity-five"! So this means "It costs fifty-five kroner."
Now it’s time for [name]’s Insights.
The pronoun you will use most often is det because not only is it used to ask prices of neutral gender objects, but also services, like a coffee or a beer at a café. So get used to asking with this!
Hvor meget koster det?
[slowly] Hvor meget koster det?
At this point, can you count kroner in Danish? We are going to learn how to do this and much more in the next lesson!
I’ll be waiting for you in our next Dansk på 3 minutter lesson.
Vi ses næste gang!


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