Meet the Team

Anna Maria Juul Anna Maria Juul Anna was born in a small village called Vole in Denmark, then moved to Lagos in Portugal when she was 6. Because of her international upbringing, she speaks Danish, Portuguese, French, Swedish, Japanese and German. Her main interests are history, theater, skiing and singing. She graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a Bachelor in Theater studies and minors in Portuguese and Japanese theater and culture. She’s been teaching Portuguese and French in Japan. Anna has a passion for learning about and teaching languages and cultures around the world.
Amalie Mortensen Amalie Mortensen Amalie was born in Seoul, South Korea, and adopted by her Danish parents when she was only three months old. Amalie has lived in Denmark most of her life, but also spent two years of elementary school at Ruamrudee International School in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2011, Amalie obtained a master’s degree in Tourism at Aalborg University and is now trying to make a career in tourism or hospitality. She is a native Danish speaker, but is also fluent in English, and knows intermediate Japanese and basic German. During high school she helped out at an after school homework café in her hometown Silkeborg, which students with a number of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds still make good use of every week. Amalie also taught Danish one-on-one or to small groups at a Nordic language school while living in Tokyo. Besides Japanese culture and tourism, she loves traveling, listening to music, and watching horror movies.
Clement Clement Skau Clement is from Århus, Denmark. He studied Computer Science at Århus University and Tokyo Institute of Technology. Whether working, studying or in his spare time, he is often occupied with computers, languages and how the two can be combined. He’s a native speaker of Danish and also speaks English and Japanese. He also knows a little bit of sign language, but he wants to learn much more.
Anne Morgen Mark Anne Morgen Mark Anne was born in Holstebro, Denmark, then moved to Copenhagen when she was six. She later moved to Aarhus to study math in a university, and then went to Israel for four months to volunteer.
Since high school she has been teaching various things, including by volunteering as a homeschool teacher for immigrant children in Denmark, working as a teaching assistant in university, and teaching Danish to a group of professors in Japan.
She is interested in saving the planet, people and learning, and also theater. She speaks Danish as her mother tongue and is fluent in English.
Liuwina Attie Nana HÊklund Liuwina Attie Nana HÊklund Liuwina was born in Falster, a small town in Denmark, and she later lived in Copenhagen. Since her real name - Liuwina - is a unique and uncommon name, she uses the nickname “Nana” in lessons. She graduated as a graphics designer from CVU South in Denmark in 2004 and took up studying Japanese at the University of Copenhagen. She speaks Danish, English, Japanese, and German.
Apart from being a skillful teacher of both English and Danish, she is also a very talented singer/songwriter and released her debut album in 2017. She is passionate about singing, and she loves to teach kids and adults alike. She enjoys influencing kids in a positive way as a teacher.