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Lesson Transcript

Becky: Hey everybody and welcome back DanishClass101.com. This is All About Series, Lesson 6: Can You Answer these 5 Questions About Denmark? I’m Becky!
Anna: And I’m Anna. In this lesson, we have something special.

Lesson focus

Becky: That’s right - a quiz! Which may have some of you thinking, "oh no," but don’t worry! This will be a fun one. These questions are all about the country of Denmark itself – society, geography, economy etc...so you can test your knowledge on Denmark.
Anna: Yes, because learning Danish is much more than just learning a language.
Becky: Anna, who will be the one taking the test?
Anna: Why, you, of course!
Becky: Oh, really? Okay, well... I’ll do my best then!
Anna: Get ready! The first question is on geography.
Anna: In which part of Denmark is Copenhagen located?
Anna: 1. in Jutland
Anna: 2. on Funen
Anna: 3. on Zealand
Becky: Oh, I know this one. C, on Zealand.
Anna: That's right! Copenhagen is the largest city in Denmark, and also the capital.
Becky: Yes, and it experiences unstable and changing weather patterns all year round, like most other parts of Denmark.
Anna: Yeah, there are 4 seasons. There’s an average of around 0° Celsius during winter, and 16°Celsius during summer.
Becky: That’s quite cold, isn’t it?
Anna: Yes, so if you’re not a huge fan of the cold, the best time to visit Copenhagen is definitely during summer. But both spring and autumn can be quite nice too, because of the mild weather.
Becky: That's true. And as the main economic, political and cultural center of Denmark, Copenhagen has many tourist attractions. And also lots of great food!
Anna: Speaking of food, that’s what our next question is about! Here is question #2: “What kind of meat are the Danes known for eating most of?”
Anna: 1. Pork
Anna: 2. Chicken
Becky: 3. Beef
Becky: Hmmm... I’ll go with my intuition and say number one, pork.
Anna: Good job! That’s the correct answer.
Becky: You know, I’ve heard that Danish bacon is the best in the world and it is recommended by most chefs around the world too! Is it actually true, Anna?
Anna: Well, I have to admit, Becky, it’s pretty hard to beat! Especially non-cured bacon cuts, which are used in many of our national dishes. But other cuts of pork such as roast pork, ham, tenderloin, cutlets, and sausages are also foods of choice!
Becky: For more on Danish food, be sure to join us for the next lesson! And now, let’s see what question #3 is about!
Anna: Well, this one is about the most popular attractions. Please choose one answer out of these three:
Anna: 1. Tivoli, Copenhagen Zoo, ARoS Art Museum
Anna: 2. Tivoli, Dyrehavsbakken, Legoland
Anna: 3. Copenhagen Zoo, Legoland and Djurs Sommerland
Becky: Oh, this one is tricky because not all of these attractions are in Copenhagen. I’m sure number 2 is correct, because this group contains only amusement parks.
Anna: Right! The three most popular attractions are Tivoli, Dyrehavsbakken, and Legoland.
Becky: It’s not really a surprise that Tivoli and Dyrehavsbakken are the most frequently visited places, because they’re in the capital.
Anna: Tivoli opened in 1843 and is the world’s second oldest amusement park. It is also the most visited theme park in Scandinavia, the 4th most visited in Europe, the world’s most popular city park, and is home to one of the world’s oldest wooden roller coasters still in operation.
Becky: Besides the rides, Tivoli also hosts concerts and other performance arts, and is an active part of the cultural scene in the Copenhagen.
Anna: That’s right. And you can also enjoy the park itself because it is beautifully landscaped, with fountains and flower beds, wonderful Danish and Chinese-style architecture, and custom-designed lights illuminating the park at night.
Becky: So what makes Dyrehavsbakken worth a visit too?
Anna: Well, it’s also an amusement park, but it’s located in a large forest park 10 kilometres north of Copenhagen near Klampenborg. It opened in 1583 and is the world’s oldest operating amusement park. Over time, modern rides, such as roller coasters and gaming halls and entertainment options have been introduced, ranging from cabarets and circus shows, to kids’ entertainment with Pjerrot the clown and animal shows.
Becky: Yeah, no wonder it’s so popular to go to Copenhagen when visiting Denmark! But on the other hand, Legoland is located in Jutland and is the most popular amusement park among families with children. One of the more classic attractions found in the park is Miniland, where everything is built of LEGO bricks. 20 million to be exact!
Anna: That’s right. It’s pretty impressive. Now, let’s move on to the economy for question 4. Do you know what type of products Denmark is ranked the world’s largest exporter of?
Anna: 1. Textiles/fabric
Anna: 2. Wood/planks
Anna: 3. Industrial production/manufactured goods
Becky: Since bacon isn’t an option, I think... I’ll go for the last one - industrial production/manufactured goods.
Anna: Yes, that’s right! In fact, the US is Denmark’s largest trading partner outside Europe. Not only industrial machinery and chemical products, but also furniture, pharmaceuticals, canned ham and pork, and LEGO, are exported to the US.
Becky: I see! So it’s not just bacon then?!
Anna: Indeed, there are so many other products, but these days the Danish economy is not like it used to be, because of financial uncertainty.
Becky: Like most other countries in the European Union, I suppose. Anyway, my first guess about this was still correct.
Anna: And finally the last question. It’s also the most famous but hidden exported good from Denmark. Here goes, which of these fairy tales was written by a Dane?
Anna: Snow White and the seven dwarfs.
Anna: The Little Mermaid.
Anna: Little Red Riding Hood
Becky: Well this one is hard…. Maybe The Little Mermaid.
Anna: Yes that’s right!! The Little Mermaid was written by Hans Christian Andersen, the all time favorite danish fairy tale writer. He was a very eccentric person who traveled the most of Europe and was famous for his fables and quirks.
Becky: Oh, I have heard that name before. He wrote other tales too, like Thumbelina, right?
Anna: Yes and some of his more famous stories are, The Ugly Duckling, The little Match Girl, The Snow Queen and many more.
Becky: They were my favorite tales when I was a child.
Anna: Me too! And actually, that’s the end of the quiz!
Becky: Listeners, how did YOU do in the quiz?
Anna: Be sure to let us know! Leave us a comment in this lesson’s comments box.


Becky: Okay, everyone, that’s all for this lesson. Be sure to tune in next time for more information on Denmark!
Anna: Hope to see you soon!
Becky: Thanks for listening, bye!
Anna: Hej hej!


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Hello Listeners! Did you get the answers right? Do you know any other fact about Denmark that you would like to share with us? Please comment!

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Hi Mikey.

Thanks for commenting.

I'd love to take part in the evaluation of bacon, but I'm a vegetarian :-)

Let us know if you have any questions.



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Monday at 12:51 PM
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Got all except number 4 - actually, having had Danish bacon in Denmark, i was not impressed, it was mostly fat, where as British and Canadian bacon are mostly meat (pork) i could not eat the fat with very little meat, so, i do not class the bacon (as prepared in shops) as the best, i do know that Denmark also has snacks of just pig fat on its own, but i did not dare try them :)

We dp have Danish pigs in Britain though, and if it is prepared with mostly meat, like i am used to, then yes, Danish bacon is better than British or Canadian bacon. i agree. One thing i like is a decent bacon sandwich :). Thanks!

Sunday at 06:37 PM
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Hi Ben,

Thank you for posting.

Please also check out our series "Video Culture Class: Danish Holidays":


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I am on the 5 major holidays.

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Eugenia Medina
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Hej! before doing the quiz I thought I wouldn't answer correctly but actually, I did pretty well👍 My boyfriend is from Denmark, I met him here in Argentina and he told me a little bit about their culture and society. I'm going to visit him soon and I want to learn the language so I can impress him and his family 😄 And of course, I wish I could go to live there someday and this course is really helpful so Mange tak, vi ses!

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Hi Julius Anthony Agulto,

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We are glad to hear you're enjoying our Danish lessons.

Wishing you the best of luck with your studies.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you!


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Hi Becky and Ana I am enjoying a lot with my Danish lesson, Mange Tak, Vi seis :smile:I am Julius by the way. I'm from the Philippines in Manila, the capital to be exact. Hope to learn from both of you. Hei Hei ^_^

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Hej Adolf

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Hej, D.C101:

Jeg kan godt lide, at åbningen musik i lektion audio:smile:

( I like that opening music in Lesson Audio )

Det er en ballade eller en anden i Danmark?:smile:

( it's a ballad or any other in Danmark? )