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Fastelavn in Denmark: A Carnival Experience Like No Other

Carnival is a Christian holiday that’s celebrated in numerous countries, so it should come as no surprise that Denmark—a nation with a roughly 75% Christian population and a long history of spirituality—observes it, too. 

Called Fastelavn in Denmark, this holiday shares many things in common with Carnival celebrations in other countries as well as Western Halloween traditions. But there are some…fascinating…components of the Danish version that may surprise you! 

Are you ready to delve into this fun holiday and pick up some new Danish vocabulary?

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1. What is Fastelavn? 

A Sketch of a Danish Carnival Celebration

Fastelavn is the Danish version of the traditionally Catholic holiday of Carnival. It takes place seven weeks prior to Easter and, while not a public holiday, is widely celebrated throughout the country. The Danish Fastelavn has less of a religious connotation than Carnival traditions in other countries do, with a greater focus on festivities and fun.

Fastelavn History

The Christian Carnival holiday began in the Middle Ages, though it likely stemmed from pagan traditions. Denmark was likely introduced to this holiday via immigrants and missionaries, and over time, adapted the holiday to suit its Lutheran Christian religiosity (which was adopted in 1536). 

In many nations, Carnival began as a way to both indulge before the forty-day Lenten fasting season and to use up any perishable food items. This is why the heavy consumption of pastries is so popular on Carnival—these sweet treats were traditionally made in order to make use of ingredients like butter and eggs that would otherwise have gone bad. 

    → If you would like to learn the names of different religions in Danish, then head over to our Religion vocabulary list!

2. When is Fastelavn in Denmark? 

Because the Fastelavn date is determined by the dates of Easter and Lent, it varies from year to year. Here are the holiday dates for the next ten years. 

  • 2021: February 14
  • 2022: February 27
  • 2023: February 19
  • 2024: February 11
  • 2025: March 2
  • 2026: February 15
  • 2027: February 7
  • 2028: February 27
  • 2029: February 11
  • 2030: March 3

3. Fastelavn Traditions & Festivities

A Sketch of a Danish Carnival Barrel

Oftentimes, Fastelavn is compared to Halloween—and for good reasons! This holiday is primarily geared toward children, who dress up in costumes and ask their neighbors for sweets or money. If the words “Trick or Treat” mean anything to you, then you’ll resonate with the Danish tradition of singing the Fastelavn song Candy or Trouble (Slik Eller Ballade). Dressed in the forklædning (disguise) of their choice, the children sing this song as a playful warning that they’ll cause trouble if they don’t receive sweets! (Talk about hangry…)

Popular Fastelavn costumes include a fe (fairy), princesse (princess), superhelt (superhero), or other eventyrfigur (fairytale character). 

On the morning of Fastelavn, a common tradition among children is to make a Fastelavnsris (Carnival whip) using twigs or branches, and to decorate it with things like feathers or eggshells. With the Fastelavnsris, they whip or “flog” their parents awake—sort of like children in the U.S. waking their parents up on Christmas morning, right? This sets the tone for the day! 

In a fashion similar to hitting a piñata, children beat a barrel full of candy. Children take turns hitting the barrel, and two winners are named: the kattedronning (cat queen) who causes all of the candy to spill out and the kattekonge (cat king) who finishes completely breaking open the barrel. 

Because the Carnival holiday is traditionally associated with the Lenten fast as well as wintertime food scarcity, food is a major part of this holiday. The most popular Fastelavn food is Shrovetide buns, which are a sweet pastry containing some type of frosting or glaze on top and a delicious cream or jam filling in the middle. These Fastelavn buns can also be sprinkled with confectioners sugar or have additional sweet toppings. Many bakeries even give customers the option to customize their own Shrovetide bun based on their personal preferences.

4. About the Cat…

A Black Cat Against a White Cackground

You may be wondering why the children who break the Carnival barrel and spill the candy are called the “cat king” and “cat queen.” What do cats have to do with Fastelavn or candy, for that matter?

If you’re familiar with Halloween, you’ll know that many people are wary of spotting a sort kat (black cat) on this day. But even still, you may be surprised to hear about the following Fastelavn tradition, which was quite popular in the past. 

Traditionally, the Fastelavn barrel contained an actual black cat, which was either beaten to death upon the barrel breaking open or allowed to skimper off. But don’t worry! This morbid tradition has come to an end, kept alive only through the use of black cat stickers on barrels.

    → Are you an animal-lover? Then you can hop over to our Animal Names vocabulary list to learn how to talk about your favorite animals!

5. Useful Vocabulary for Fastelavn in Denmark

A Carnival Bun, also Called a Fastelavn Bun

Here are some useful words and phrases associated with Carnival in Denmark: 

  • Fastelavn (Carnival) – proper noun
  • Fastelavnsbolle (Carnival bun) – common noun
  • Fastelavnsris (Carnival whip) – neuter noun
  • Forklædning (Disguise) – common noun
  • Fe (Fairy) – common noun
  • Princesse (Princess) – common noun
  • Superhelt (Superhero) – common noun
  • Eventyrfigur (Fairytale character) – common noun
  • Kattekonge (Cat king) – common noun
  • Kattedronning (Cat queen) – common noun
  • Fastelavnstønde (Carnival barrel) – common noun
  • Rasle (Rattle) – verb
  • Ringridning (Tilting) – common noun
  • Fastelavnssoldater (Carnival soldiers) – common noun
  • Sort kat (Black cat) – proper noun

If you want to practice your pronunciation, make sure to visit our Carnival vocabulary list, where you can hear recorded audio pronunciations of each word. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Fastelavn is a fun holiday for children and adults alike. From adorable costumes to tasty treats, there’s really something for everyone. Do you celebrate Carnival in your country, or maybe a similar holiday? Tell us about it in the comments! 

If you would like to learn more about Danish culture and holidays, we highly recommend the following pages on

This barely scratches the surface of what DanishClass101 has to offer our students! From themed vocabulary lists to audio and video lessons on a range of topics, there’s something for every learner at every level to enjoy. It’s our goal to help you become a confident Danish speaker with the cultural knowledge you need to make the most of your newfound language skills. 

Until next time, happy learning. If you can, enjoy a Shrovetide bun for us! 😉

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Premium PLUS: The Golden Ticket for Language-Learning


Do you remember the moment you fell in love with languages?

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A common question that first-time language-learners ask is “Where do I begin?” The answer? Guidance.

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  • Access to thousands of lessons
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  • A personal language instructor

As someone who decided to make Japanese her second language one year ago, I am extremely grateful for Premium PLUS.

Allow me to emphasize on how these Premium PLUS features strengthen my language studies.

Gain Unlimited Access to Audio and Video Lessons!

Woman learning a language with Premium PLUS on a tablet

As a Premium PLUS member, I have full access to the lesson library and other Premium features. Best of all, I’m not limited to one level; I can learn to my heart’s content with upper-level courses.

There are lessons on various topics that tackle crucial language-learning elements, such as:

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Specifically, there are pathways. Pathways are collections of lessons that center on a specific topic. Some Innovative Language sites, like, even have pathways geared toward proficiency tests. For example, the JLPT N3 Master Course pathway.

Because of the abundance of lessons, I’ve found pathways in the lesson library to help me prepare for certain events. Thanks to the “Speaking Perfect Japanese at a Restaurant” pathway, I spoke fully in Japanese while dining in Japan. Additionally, I participated in conversations at language exchange meetups in South Korea after completing the “Top 25 Korean Questions You Need to Know” pathway.

Each lesson has lesson notes, which I read while simultaneously listening to the audio lesson. This strategy enables me to follow along on key points. Lesson notes generally contain the following:

  • Dialogue
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar points
  • Cultural insights

As someone who’s constantly on-the-go, I heavily benefit from mobile access to lessons. Podcasts and lesson notes are available on the Innovative Language app and/or Podcasts app for iOS.

All lessons and their contents are downloadable. Prior to my flights to Japan and South Korea, I downloaded lessons on my iPhone. The apps make learning more convenient for me during my commutes.

Practice Speaking with the Voice Recording Tool!

a young man practicing his pronunciation with a microphone headset

Pronunciation is an essential ingredient in language-learning. Proper pronunciation prompts clear understanding during conversations with native speakers.

Prior to learning full Korean sentences, my online Korean language tutor assigned the “Hana Hana Hangul” pathway to me. It demonstrated the writing and pronunciation of Hangul, the Korean alphabet. Throughout this pathway, I submitted recordings of my Hangul character pronunciations to my language teacher for review.

I was given a similar task on with the “Ultimate Japanese Pronunciation Guide” pathway. My Japanese language teacher tested my pronunciation of the Japanese characters kana. My completion of the two pathways boosted my confidence in speaking.

Speaking is one of the more challenging components of learning a language. The voice recording tool in particular was a great way for me to improve my speaking skills. Further, because the lesson dialogues are spoken by native speakers, I’m able to practice speaking naturally.

This feature is also available for vocabulary words and sample sentences. Being able to hear these recordings improves my pronunciation skills for languages like Japanese, where intonation can change the meaning of a word entirely. The voice recorder examines my speed and tone. I also follow up by sending a recording to my online language tutor for feedback.

A great way to boost one’s speaking confidence is to shadow native speakers. During the vocabulary reviews, it’s helpful for me to hear the breakdown of each word; doing so makes a word that was originally difficult to even read a breeze to say!

Some lessons create opportunities to speak your own sentences. For example, the “Top 25 Korean Questions You Need to Know” pathway presents opportunities to answer questions personally. This helps you gain the ability to give answers as the unique individual you are.

Example Scenario:

The host asks the following question:

어디에 살고 있습니까?

eodieseo salgo isseumnikka

“Where do you live?”

If you live in Tokyo, you would readily say the following:

도쿄에 살고 있습니다.

Tokyo-e salgo isseumnida.

“I live in Tokyo.”

Increase Your Vocab with Spaced-Repetition Flashcards and More!

A child learning words with flashcards

Imagine having a conversation with a native speaker and hesitating because you lack a solid vocabulary base.

Premium PLUS offers various features to expand learners’ vocabulary, including Free Gifts of the Month. DanishClass101’s free gifts for April 2020 included an e-book with “400 Everyday Phrases for Beginners,” and the content is updated every month. When I download free resources like this, I find opportunities to use them with co-teachers, friends, or my language tutors.

An effective way to learn vocabulary is with SRS flashcards. SRS is a system designed for learning a new word and reviewing it in varying time intervals.

You can create and study flashcard decks, whether it’s your Word Bank or a certain vocabulary list. For example, if you need to visit a post office, the “Post Office” vocabulary list for your target language would be beneficial to study prior to your visit.

In addition to the SRS flashcards, each lesson has a vocabulary slideshow and quiz to review the lesson’s vocabulary.

There’s also the 2000 Core Word List, which includes the most commonly used words in your target language. Starting from the 100 Core Word List, you’ll gradually build up your knowledge of useful vocabulary. These lists can be studied with SRS flashcards, too.

With the SRS flashcards, you can change the settings to your liking. The settings range from different card types to number of new cards per deck. Personally, I give myself vocabulary tests by changing the settings.

After studying a number of flashcards, I change the card types to listening comprehension and/or production. Then I test myself by writing the translation of the word or the spoken word or phrase.

The change in settings allow me to remember vocabulary and learn how to identify the words. This is especially helpful with Japanese kanji!

Complete Homework Assignments!

A woman studying at home

Homework assignments are advantageous to my language studies. There are homework assignments auto-generated weekly. They range from multiple-choice quizzes to writing assignments.

Language tutors are readily available for homework help. Some writing assignments, for instance, require use of unfamiliar vocabulary. In such cases, my language teachers assist me by forwarding related lessons or vocabulary lists.

In addition to these auto-generated homework tasks, language tutors customize daily assignments. My daily homework assignments include submitting three written sentences that apply the target grammar point of that lesson, and then blindly audio-recording those sentences. My personal language tutor follows up with feedback and corrections, if needed.

Your language tutors also provide assignments upon requests. When I wanted to review grammar, my Korean teacher sent related quizzes and assignments. Thus, you are not only limited to the auto-generated assignments.

Every weekend, I review by re-reading those written sentences. It helps me remember sentence structures, grammar points, and vocabulary to apply in real-world contexts.

Furthermore, I can track my progress with language portfolios every trimester. It’s like a midterm exam that tests my listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Get Your Own Personal Language Teacher!

A woman teaching pronunciation in a classroom

My language teachers cater to my goals with personalized and achievable learning programs. The tangible support of my online language teachers makes it evident that we share common goals.

Once I share a short-term or long-term goal with my teacher, we establish a plan or pathway that will ultimately result in success. I coordinate with my teachers regularly to ensure the personalized learning programs are prosperous. For example, during my JLPT studies, my Japanese language tutor assigned me practice tests.

Your language tutor is available for outside help as well. When I bought drama CDs in Japan, I had difficulty transliterating the dialogue. My Japanese teacher forwarded me the script to read along as I listened.

Additionally, I often practice Korean and Japanese with music. I memorize one line of the lyrics daily. Every time, I learn a new grammar point and new vocabulary. I add the vocabulary to my SRS flashcards, locate the grammar in the Grammar Bank, and study the associated lessons online.

I send my teachers the name of the songs, making them aware of my new goal. One time, my song for Korean was “If You Do” by GOT7. My Korean teacher revealed that she was a huge fan of GOT7 like me! For Japanese, it was “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA,” also known as the Dragonball Z theme song. My Japanese teacher excitedly told me that she sang the song a lot as a kid!

A remarkable thing happened to me in South Korea. I was stressed about opening a bank account with limited Korean. I sought help from my Korean teacher. She forwarded me a script of a bank conversation.

After two days, I visited the local bank. It all started with my opening sentence:

은행 계좌를 만들고 싶어요

eunhaeng gyejwaleul mandeulgo sip-eoyo.

I want to open a bank account.

Everything went smoothly, and I exited the bank with a new account!

The MyTeacher Messenger allows me to share visuals with my teachers for regular interaction, including videos to critique my pronunciation mechanisms. I improve my listening and speaking skills by exchanging audio with my teachers. In addition to my written homework assignments, I exchange messages with my language teachers in my target language. This connection with my teachers enables me to experience the culture as well as the language.

Why You Should Subscribe to Premium PLUS

It’s impossible for me to imagine my continuous progress with Japanese and Korean without Premium PLUS. Everything—from the SRS flashcards to my language teachers—makes learning languages enjoyable and clear-cut.

You’re assured to undergo the same experience with Premium PLUS. You’ll gain access to the aforementioned features as well as all of the Premium features.

Complete lessons and assignments to advance in your target language. Increase your vocabulary with the “2000 Core Word List” for that language and SRS flashcards. Learn on-the-go with the Innovative Language app and/or Podcasts app for iOS users.

Learning a new language takes dedication and commitment. The Premium PLUS features make learning irresistibly exciting. You’ll look forward to learning daily with your language tutor.

As of right now, your challenge is to subscribe to Premium PLUS! Complete your assessment, and meet your new Danish teacher.

Have fun learning your target language in the fastest and easiest way!

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Sankthansaften: Celebrating St. John’s Eve in Denmark

What are your favorite things to do during summer? Are there any special holidays or festivals where you live?

Midsummer in Denmark means warm weather, lots of great seasonal food, and burning witches over a bonfire (it’s not what it sounds like!).

In this article, you’ll learn about St. John’s Eve traditions in Denmark, discover what this holiday used to look like, and pick up some useful summertime vocabulary.

Let’s get started.

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1. What is St. John’s Eve in Denmark?

What we know as St. John’s Eve today was originally a pagan holiday that started in Germany. The Germans of the time believed that there were witches that flew into Bloksbjerg in midsummer, during the evenings and nights. They would light bonfires to scare the witches and other onde ånder (evil spirits) away, and this turned into a tradition that later spread to Denmark and other neighboring countries.

Today, however, this holiday has been Christianized (as you may have guessed from the name!). The Danish St. John’s Eve commemorates the birth of John the Baptist, who was born about six months before Jesus, though many of the “pagan” traditions and connotations remain in place.

For instance, there’s still a focus on magi (magic) and evil spirits. The traditions associated with these aspects of the holiday are sometimes called St. John’s Eve voodoo, but we’ll talk about this soon.

2. When is St. John’s Eve?

A Field during Midsummer

St. John’s Eve takes place a few days after Midsommer (Midsummer) in Denmark, on June 23.

3. How is St. John’s Eve Celebrated?

St. John’s Bonfire

In medieval times, Danish midsummer traditions often involved the elders of the community gathering herbs that they would use to treat the ill throughout the year. In addition, people would hang garlands in the trees to catch the magic that came through.

Today, the most important midsummer tradition is the sankthansbål (St. John’s Eve bonfire). A heks (witch) doll is placed atop the bonfire, and many people associate this with the witch returning to Bloksbjerg. Typically, there’s a båltale (bonfire speech) given just before the burning, and you can be sure there’ll be plenty of eating, drinking, and singing once the fire is lit!

The most popular of Danish midsummer songs is called, simply, “The Midsummer Song.” This song was composed by Holger Drachmann originally, though many Danish people prefer the new 1980 version which has more rhythm. This version was created by the Danish band Shu-bi-dua. Of course, the older population often chooses to sing the traditional song instead.

A favorite activity for children is to bake dough on a stick right in the bonfire. The dough bakes into “twist bread,” which is a favorite food for many Danish holidays.

A popular St. John’s Eve celebration for girls and young women is to gather flowers to make a blomsterkrans (flower wreath) to wear on their head. However, this isn’t quite as common in Denmark as it is in Sweden.

4. Maren Spliid

Today, only a doll made to look like a witch is burned, but centuries ago, Denmark performed real “witch” burnings. In the 1500s and 1600s, Denmark and neighboring countries frequently had witch hunts and burned supposed witches at stake.

The most famous of these victims is Maren Spliid, a Danish woman who was accused of being a witch. She was tried twice, tortured, and then burned to death after being forced to admit she was a witch.

Today, there’s a memorial for Maren Spliid in Ribe.

5. Must-Know Vocabulary for St. John’s Eve

A Woman with a Flower Wreath on Her Head

Ready to review some of the vocabulary words from this article? Here’s a quick list!
  • Urtete — “Herb tea” [n. common]
  • Sankthansaften — “St. John’s Eve” [n. common]
  • Sankthansbål — “St. John’s bonfire” [n. neutral]
  • Båltale — “Bonfire speech” [n. common]
  • Afbrænding — “Burning” [n. common]
  • Midsommer — “Midsummer” [n. common]
  • Onde ånder — “Evil spirits”
  • Magi — “Magic” [n. common]
  • Solhverv — “Solstice” [n. neutral]
  • Kilde — “Spring” [n. common]
  • Blomsterkrans — “Flower wreath” [n. common]
  • Heks — “Witch” [n. Common]

To hear the pronunciation of each word, visit’s St. John’s Eve vocabulary list!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Midsummer and St. John’s Eve traditions carry over old pagan traditions while mixing them with newer, more modern values. We hope you enjoyed learning about this fun holiday with us, and that you took away some valuable information.

Do you celebrate Midsummer or St. John’s Eve in your country? What are some popular summertime traditions there? Let us know in the comments!

To learn more about Danish culture and the language, see these free resources straight from our blog:

This only scratches the surface of everything has to offer the aspiring Danish-learner. Create your free lifetime account today to make the most of your study time, or upgrade to our Premium or Premium PLUS plans for access to exclusive content and lessons.

It’s our goal to make your learning journey both effective and so much fun!

Stay safe out there, and happy learning!

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Your Learning, Streamlined – The New Lesson Interface

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Your Learning, Streamlined – The New Lesson Interface

Your learning is about to get a whole lot easier.

More than ever, learners are choosing mobile as the platform to study Danish. Mobile has always been a part of our DNA. We began our life on your iPod, and have remained by your side ever since.

In our 11th year, we’re returning to our roots as a way to learn Danish on-the-go. How? With a brand-new lesson interface just for you.

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(example taken from

It’s built from the ground-up to be a great experience on your phone, tablet, and computer.

You don’t have to compromise anymore.

Take the whole lesson experience with you wherever you go.

Our lessons are the heart of our learning system and now they’re the heart of the interface as well. Just tap the big play button to start learning right away.

(example taken from

As you scroll through the lesson contents, the player sticks with you at the bottom of your screen.

Pause, rewind or adjust your speed and volume without losing your place.

(example taken from

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Quickly jump to the dialogue, vocabulary, or lesson notes with our new lesson navigation bar. Available at the top of your screen wherever you are.

(example taken from

And for the first time ever, you don’t need to download a PDF or jump between tabs to read the lesson notes and transcript. Read it all on your mobile browser as you listen.

(example taken from

There are many more small improvements but the end result is this: a drastically improved lesson experience on mobile and desktop.

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The new lesson interface will launch in beta this month.

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DanishClass101 Free Lifetime Account: Is it really free?

You want to learn Danish but you don’t want to spend a cent. You don’t want to lose time creating an account if they ask you for your credit card just after. For you Danish learner, we tell you how you will access great resources for free for life and without card or having to pay. This is your unique path to fluency for free.

free lifetime account danishpod101 benefit

DanishClass101 is not really free, is it?
Although there are paid plans, yes, it is FREE. Every single lesson that we have ever created has been free for a certain period of time. And every new audio and video lesson (we publish 3-5 lessons a week) is completely free to access for 3 weeks before going into our lesson library.

What’s a Free Lifetime Account?
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What do I get with this Free Account? How can I learn for free for life?
Here’s how you learn every day without paying a cent at DanishClass101. You have access to all of these features for life:

  • New audio and video lessons every week – 3-5 new, free lessons a week
  • The first 3 lessons of every single series – 100+ lessons in total
  • New Daily Dose of Danish lessons – a new free lesson every day
  • Danish Word of the Day lessons – a new free lesson every day
  • Throwback Thursday lessons – a free random lesson every Thursday
  • The Innovative Language 101 App for the Android, iPhone and iPad
  • The 100 Most Common Words List to get a head-start on learning vocabulary
  • Vocabulary and phrase lists for topics, themes and holidays
  • Bonus resources and mobile apps in the Danish resources section

    Start speaking Danish now!

    Do I need a credit card to sign up?
    No. All you need is a valid email address to join. The only times you’d require a credit card (or another payment method such as PayPal) is if you want to upgrade to a Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS subscription.

    To sum-up, you create a free account only with your email address, you’ll get a 7-day trial to experience Premium access to DanishClass101, and after this period you will stay on as a “Free” member accessing all our tool and resources mentioned before. So what are you waiting for?

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  • The Top 5 Shortcuts To Learning Danish!

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    Without further ado, here are the top 5 shortcuts to learning Danish!

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    1. Create A Study Schedule And Set Some Goals:
    This one may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many unorganized language learners there are in the world! Creating a schedule allows you to manage your time wisely, enabling you to free up time to study consistently. Goals are also a key component of learning Danish. These give you motivation and something to strive for.

    2. Make It Fun:
    You may roll your eyes at this one, but it’s true! If you learn how to make your study time enjoyable, chances are you’ll be more inclined to study! Try changing it up every now and then with something new. Watch a TV show in Danish or listen to some Danish music! The sky is the limit!

    3. Find A Language Partner:
    This is one surefire way to improve your conversational skills. Having a language partner allows you to practice your target language in a conversational manner. This will help you gain fluency even faster!

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    4. Use Word Lists To Build Up A Solid Vocabulary:
    This is a great way to build up your fluency, one word at a time. At DanishClass101, you can use one of our many word lists. Choose whichever topic you want to study and go!

    5. Make Mistakes:
    Lastly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes! In fact, make a lot of them! Nothing helps you improve more than correcting your own errors. If you catch yourself saying something wrong, you’re likely to remember it the next time around. So just remember, everyone makes mistakes! Learn from them!

    Get On the Fast-Track To Speaking Danish Now! Click Here!

    Again, there is no magical, overnight way to learn Danish. However, doing a few or all of these will help you out substantially. And remember, if you’re really interested in getting on the fast-track to fluency, sign up for a FREE lifetime account at now!

    Introducing Our Brand New Dashboard!

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    • Your progress is now tracked right, smack in the middle of the page to keep you motivated and organized.
    • A new, sleek and easy to navigate design allows you to worry less about where to click and more on learning Danish!
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    • A new layout for the “Latest News” feed to keep you informed on all of the most recent updates.
    • Bigger buttons to make it easier on the eyes. Locate your all of your lessons and materials faster than ever.

    Stay tuned, as more updates are being rolled out later in the month!

    Enjoy your new dashboard,

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    This may be one of the most rewarding parts of learning a new language. You’ll be able to get to know speakers of other languages on a more personal level. Meeting people from around the world is one of the main reasons people begin to study a language, so don’t ever feel like making new friends isn’t a good enough reason to start studying!

    Exploring A Different Culture
    Whether you decide to live abroad, or you’re just taking a vacation, knowing the local language will give you the ability to better understand the people and culture of a different country. This can open your eyes to not only their country, but your country as well! You can understand how people see your home from their perspective.

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